Is it Better to Build or Buy a Computer?

Is it Better to Build or Buy a Computer?

I have built many computers over my lifetime. I do it mainly because I like doing it. But, like most things, building or fixing something yourself is often cheaper. So, is it better to build or buy a computer?

There was a period of time that I mainly used store bought computers. I have built computers on and off for most of my life, but found it convenient to just buy computers off the shelf. The replacement period for an off the shelf computer was about 3 years for me. Over a ten year stretch of buying decently appointed computers, I estimate that I spent close to $9,000 for three computers.

But, when I started to get back into PC gaming, I knew I needed a computer that could keep up with the demands of the games and could grow with my needs. So, I decided to build again.

I have had my current computer for over 9 years now. Obviously it looks nothing like it did when I first built it due to upgrades. And, I’m not sure you could call it one computer anymore. So for transparency, I’ll call it two computers.

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