Free Developer Tools

Free Developer Tools

These are some of the tools I use on a daily basis for work and for my own projects. I will keep a running list on this page that I will update whenever I find a new tool I like.

Visual Studio

The code editor I can’t live without.  I use Visual Studio everyday in one form or another.  At work I’m using VS2017 Enterprise and Visual Studio Code.  At home I’m working with VS2017 Community.


If you are a software developer, you can’t get by with just notepad. Notepad++ is more like a notepad for power users. I has color coding for a ton of languages and plugins.


From their website – “NimbleText is a text manipulation and code generation tool”. I don’t use it often but it comes in handy when I need to create redundant lines of code.


Postman is a must have for anyone that works with REST apis. You can make REST calls and save environment settings in your account.


Pixabay is where I get most of my images for this blog. They have a deep catalog of free to use images.

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